Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Do this check before your HDD crashes on you

HDD crash = lost data.

However, this could be prevented by running this check every once in a while.

First, press the "windows" key on your keyboard.
Type in "cmd" and press enter.
This will open up the command prompt. ( black screen with white text ).

Now type
and press enter.

Followed by typing this
"diskdrive get status"
and press enter.

If all is good, the response from the last command will show "Status ok".
If it shows "failed" in any response, backup the hdd and replace it immediately to prevent imminent crash.

For other ways of detecting if the HDD is about to fail, visit this link

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Latest Phishing Scam from sender pretending to be Microsoft

Spam email looking like the official email

If you receive this email from Microsoft claiming that your hotmail/outlook account will be shutdown, look again.

The "CLICK HERE TO AUTHENTICATE" link will bring you to a site that looks like the outlook/hotmail login screen with funny fonts.

Do not key in your email and password in there.

It is a phishing scam where they will save your email and password to login your account to spam others.

Kindly forward this to everyone you know that uses Hotmail or Outlook domain email addresses.

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