Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Clean Windows virus without booting into windows

At times, the Windows operating system may be severely affected by malware, spyware and virus to the extent that it is not possible to install an anti-virus, anti-malware or anti-spyware tool within the Windows operating system.

Nowadays, intelligent malware,spyware and virus are able to block out disinfectant tools and softwares that may be used to detect and eliminate the problems.

So how is it possible to clean up the operating system without booting into Windows?

2 known tools are available from renown anti-virus software companies.

1. Kaspersky Rescue Disk
2. F-Secure Rescue-CD

These are Live CDs which boots to a native environment that is independent of the operating system installed in the hard disk. And since they boot up using the files in the CD and not the hard-disk, malwares/spywares/virus in the hard-disk is unable to impair its operations.

Here are 2 very useful guides on how to use these CDs to remove the malwares, spywares and virus in your operating system.

An easier way to download the CD images and install directly onto a USB drive instead of using CDs would be to use "Unetbootin". Just select the desired image [ F-secure or Kaspersky ] from the dropdown list of distributions and choose the USB drive to use. The "Unetbootin" application will automatically download the latest version of the Live CDs and install it onto the USB drive in one step.

A quick guide to using "Unetbootin" can be found here at PendriveLinux.com.
Unetbootin is available on operating systems such as Windows and Linux.

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