Monday, March 2, 2009

Save costs by switching to OpenSource office and email applications!

A typical office IT workdesk requires a few software that is critical

Software to open,view and edit MS word,excel,powerpoint files.
A email client is also required so the staff can receive emails.

Just so he or she can achieve the above basic computing requirements at work, the employer has got to buy a US$200-300 software aka "M$ Office".

The PC hardware of the workdesk already cost the company close to $1,000 and on top of that, there will be more software costs just so it is a functional workdesk fulfilling basic IT needs of the white collar employee.

For an company whom employs more than 10 staff, the software costs can add up to a couple of significant thousand of dollars. Money that can be saved and who knows it may be this reserves that saves the company one day.

How to save such software costs?
The answer is opensource.

Openoffice has compatible suite of applications that can allow the user to open,view and edit M$ office documents such as :


Mozilla Thunderbird is also another opensource software that is a fully functional email client capable of doing pop and imap mail.

Best of all, it is free.
Free as in free beer.

Internet giants such as Google also have online spreadsheet application which one can use to open and edit excel documents. Gmail can also be configured to receive dotcom domain emails and they give users up to 7gb of email space.

Make the switch today... Or at least try it out using the home computer.

Openoffice Productivity Suite

Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client


Google Apps

Support opensource by using them!
Ultimately, its better than using pirated products.

Today is 2nd March 2009
Time now is 13:03 hrs

The keyword is "free"!
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