Thursday, September 6, 2012

Free Online Storage

Gone are the days that the personal computer (PC) are personal.

These days, the computer is just an interface to the web. And with the rising popularity of smartphone and tablets, the laptop becomes almost redundant, relatively speaking.

And since almost every one owns more than one computing device, it makes sense not to store everything on one device.

Moreover, storing important files and documents or precious videos and music on a single computer is like putting all the eggs in one basket. That becomes a hassle when these files need to be updated and synchronized across all the different folders on all devices.

The solution to having many instances of the same file is quite simple actually.

Host these files in the cloud.

As we cannot live without internet connectivity in today's context, it is possible to make use of the 24/7 online connectivity to use the web as your personal hard drive.

There are several free online storage providers that allows up to 10 gigabytes of personal storage.
And when the files are required, just logon with any smartphones, tablets or PCs and it no longer required synchronizing across the devices since there is only one instance of the file.

What makes it better is the fact that since the computer is merely an interface to the web, There is no longer any fear of the operating system crashing or hardware failure on the computer. Data recovery is almost not required. Just use any other computing devices to access the files which are intact on the web storage, zero impact to these files.

Have Web Browser, Will Travel

And since apps, such as video players, picture viewers, word processors and etc, are hosted on the web, you actually do not have to purchase any software that is bound to the computer in use. Again, it only requires the web browser accessing and displaying the files via addons and extensions. 
(eg Google Drive, Gmail, Microsoft Office Online, etc)

Still writing files and saving them to "My Documents" folder? 
Reconsider the risks of a hard disk crash or stolen laptop and start using these free online web storage now!!

Some popular personal web storage sites:

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yuther said...
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yuther said...

Online storage is Good service for storing files through online..But while storing music,videos,documents etc you need to choose the trusted and secure provider.There are lot of free providers available ,also they providing more space than a paid one ..But there you cannot expect secure and safety ...Your files may be hacked at anytime by hackers..So i would suggest the paid service..Here you can get the online storage service at low cost..They provides sharing and backup service..You no need to worry about security.It's really secure one.

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