Thursday, June 4, 2009

Heat and PC failures

The PC case is usually ventilated via air vents and holes that allow air to circulate in and out of the case.

Most cases nowadays also have fans that help to circulate the air in and out so as to regulate the temperature inside the casing. This, however, also brings in dust and fine particles into the casing. In time, the dust will form a thin layer on the boards and microchips. This then prevents the components from being cooled effectively by the air exchange. If left unattended, the dust will form up to the point the the inlet vents are completely choked and unable to deliver cool air into the PC case.

This phenomenon actually will cause the PC to overheat and cause PC problems such as BSOD or even cause the PC to have bootup problems.

Here are some additional reading and solutions.

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PCToday : Create a Dust-Free environment

If you have never open the PC case before, it's good time to start cleaning!

Today is 4th June 2009
Time now is 10:45 hrs
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