Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Recover botched Vista after cloning or resizing the partition!

Upgraded your hard-disk to a larger size and cloned your Vista OS over from the older hdd?

Doing that may cause the Vista OS to give you a "Winload.exe not found" error and you will not boot into Vista.

Before cursing yourself for buying the new HDD, there is a way to solve this problem.

The issue with notebooks and desktops sold nowadays is that, they do not come with a Vista installation disc. The only thing that prebuilt notebooks or desktops have is the recovery partition which does nothing but completely re-format and re-install into a factory state fresh Vista OS. That will mean losing all the customizations, documents, picture and videos you had saved on the existing Vista OS partition.

On getting the "Winload.exe not found" message, the screen text will also prompt you to use a Vista Installation CD to repair the installation but sadly, as explained above, you will have none of this CD at your expense.

Fear not, help is here.

There is a free tool that can mimick the repair function of the Vista Installation CD.

Here comes "Windows Vista Recovery Disc" to save the day.

Download the torrent and use any torrent application to download the file [ using another computer of course ].

Burn the ISO file into a CD and boot from this CD on the botched Vista PC.

Once Vista boots up via the Recovery CD, click on "Repair" to recover your Vista to its previous working state.

No need for complete re-formats and re-installs and losing all precious data.

Today is 15th April 2009
Time now is 12:23hrs
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